Oku Aku | Brand from outer space

This is our latest project. Special design for special individuals with lots of random patterns and symbols. Our mission launched at ISPO 2014 (Munich, Germany) where we revealed for the first time new brand and products.


  • Year | 2013
  • Target | Youth, Adults
  • Collection | Man and Woman
  • Type of clothes | Casual, Street Wear
  • Idea | Outer space, fourth dimension

Hash House | Only natural ingredients

Freedom and contact with nature. These two elements are essential in summer and spring collections of brand. Because we support free will concept this brand is for very open-minded individuals who also can easily get out of the box.

 Powerful and colourful products with various elements on it.logo hash-house

  •  Year | 2011
  • Target | Teenagers, Adults
  • Collection | Unisex
  • Type of clothes | Street Wear
  • Idea | Contact with a nature, freedom

Ck Porno | Provocative urban street wear

Do not be afraid of wearing a strong-looking and lusty clothes. Let’s rebel against the system in a hipster way. Loose style would be the easiest way to show off and be proud of what we wear.

  • Year | 1996
  • Target | Teenagers, Adults
  • Collection | Men and woman
  • Type of clothes | Street Wear
  • Idea | Lust, provocation, rebel

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