Enjoy a powerful and original designed clothes made from scratch. We want to keep as much details as we can to deliver the most sophisticated products made from best quality materials. Design is not the only one matter we got under restricted supervision. Sewing process is also our flagship area.

Major responsibilities for Fashion department:

  • Design & concept
  • Sewing process
  • Distribution
  • Sales

Wall Design

From graphical representation on a screen into enormous masterpiece on the wall – indoor or outdoor, it doesn’t matter at all. We love challenges as well as random surfaces where we can express our artistic vision and space planning skills. Sky is the limit…

Major responsibilities for Wall Design department:

  • Design
  • Painting process (various techniques)


Visual aspect of products, brands or events is a number one element in modern marketing. We transform ideas into amazing videos ready to share and to promote Your products.

Major responsibilities for Filmmaking department:

  • Shooting videos
  • Production management
  • Video editing, special effects